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We have developed this mileage chart for our customer's use.  Many of our customers find a personal visit to Colorado Leather Goods to be a milestone in a life of crafting.  This chart can be a real convenience in facilitating such a visit.  Let's say you live in New York City and are planning a drive to San Francisco.  Looking at our mileage chart, you will see that it is 1849 miles from New York City to Colorado Leather Goods and 1338 miles from Colorado Leather Goods to San Francisco.  (Grand Canyon National Park is 785 miles past Colorado Leather Goods. That might be a nice break) 

We have tried to include many major metro areas, a list of all of them isn't practical.  Lets say you live in Good Intent, PA.  You know from past experience that it's about 49 miles from Good Intent to Pittsburgh.  One look at our mileage chart and a little quick arithmetic and you'll know that it's 1484 miles from Good Intent to Colorado Leather Goods.
  Distance In Miles to
Colorado Leather Goods
Alamosa, CO 167
Albany, NY 1876
Albuquerque, NM 380
Amarillo, TX 366
Anchorage, AK 3289
Annapolis, MD 1690
Aspen, CO 154
Atlanta, GA 1393
Augusta, ME 2199
Austin, TX 872
Baltimore, MD 1671
Baton Rouge, LA 1171
Bismarck, ND 779
Boise, ID 900
Boston, MA 2043
Boulder, CO 97
Canon City, CO 47
Canyon de Chelly, AZ 500
Canyonlands National Park, UT 468
Carson City, NV 1139
Chaco Canyon, NM 415
Charleston, WV 1345
Cheyenne, WY 171
Colorado City, AZ 711
Columbia, SC 1590
Columbus, OH 1251
Concord, NH 2023
Cortez, CO 360
Cottonwood Cove, NV 889
Dallas, TX 727
Des Moines, IA 741
Denver, CO 71
Dover, DE 1748
Durango, CO 316
El Paso, TX 645
Estes Park, CO 139
Flagstaff, AZ 700
Florissant, MO 826
Fort Collins, CO 133
Fort Worth, TX 706
Frankfurt, KY 1153
Gallup, NM 516
Glen Canyon Dam 575
Glenwood Springs, CO 225
Grand Canyon National Park 785
Grand Junction, CO 311
Greeley, CO 133
Greenwich, CT 1882
Harrisburg, PA 1609
Hartford, CT 1951
Helena, MT 861
Hite, UT 521
Honolulu, HI 4204
Hoover Dam 843
Houston, TX 966
Indianapolis, IN 1074
Jackson, MS 1132
Jefferson City, MO 749
Juneau, AK 2772
Kanab, UT 678
Kingman, AZ 848
Lansing, MI 1276
Las Vegas, NV 816
Laughlin, NV 879
Limon, CO 78
Lincoln, NE 557
Little Rock, AR 956
Los Angeles, CA 1085
Madison, WI 1035
Manitou Springs, CO 4
Mexican Hat, UT 480
Moab, UT 422
Montgomery, AL 1409
Montpelier, VT 2012
Monument Valley, UT 519
Napa, CA 1310
Nashville, TN 1149
Needles, CA 909
New York, NY 1849
Occidental, CA 1360
Oklahoma City, OK 585
Olympia, WA 1433
Park City, UT 586
Philadelphia, PA 1720
Phoenix, AZ 797
Pierre, SD 594
Pittsburg, PA 1435
Providence, RI 2037
Pueblo, CO 45
Quartzite, AZ 919
Raleigh, NC 1668
Raton, NM 150
Richmond, VA 1660
Sacramento, CA 1252
Saint Louis, MO 835
Salem, OR 1373
Salinas, CA 1308
Salt Lake City, UT 603
San Diego, CA 1190
San Francisco, CA 1338
San Jose, CA 1369
Santa Fe, NM 326
Searchlight, NV 875
Seattle, WA 1441
Shiprock, NM 386
Springfield, IL 903
Steamboat Springs, CO 224
St George, UT 699
St Paul, MN 986
Strawberry, AZ 714
Tallahassee, FL 1562
Taos, NM 220
Teec Nos Pos, AZ 405
Telluride, CO 300
Topeka, KS 530
Trenton, NJ 1740
Tucson, AZ 827
Tucumcari, NM 382
Vail, CO 165
Warm Springs, GA 1461
Washington, DC 1668
Yellowstone National Park 657
208 South 22nd Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80904 USA
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